Transformation Tuesday Video – Wallpaper gone wrong

We are so glad that you are loving our little Transformation Tuesday videos. Each week we are going to allow you guys into our thought process on how we pick finishes for the pieces that go on our showroom floor.

Sometimes we pick the piece first and then look up inspiration online and mimic the look and sometimes I just fall head over heels with a look online and then find a piece in our large inventory that looks similar and go from there.

This weeks piece sat in our warehouse for a long long time…and for good reason. Although we knew it had potential it was hard to convince anyone else as it had very torn wallpaper all over the top and sides and the wood didn’t look so hot. It has seashell hardware that was very tarnished. So, when we have a piece that sits that long, we then either donate it to our favorite charity or we do it for the floor, knowing if it is finished, it has a much better chance of selling.

Here is the piece before in all of her glory. Gotta love the green and white floral sticky paper on top.

Then we hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. We think this piece would look great in a nursery, bedroom, living room, really anywhere. So here is what this piece could look like in a home.

This dresser via The Weathered Door is a great example of how this piece could look in a living room or entryway. The more we looked the more we realized we wanted a white and walnut combination.

I love the look of mid century in a nursery like this piece from Ave Styles and this piece would look amazing in a bohemian or vintage modern. Although tempting to restore the whole piece, it has so many different aspects to it that we thought we needed to highlight them.

Here is the video that follows the dresser through the process of before to after.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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