Trend Alert – Cerused everything

Cerusing is very hot right now and for good reason. It is not only beautiful because it accentuates the flow of the wood grain on the piece, but also is sophisticated, while having the ability to be under-stated. Cerusing is when you strip down the wood and then open the grain with a brush. Next you stain the piece or paint it. After it is dry you then fill in the grain with glaze or lime wax. It has been practiced for centuries and is making a comeback. We will be featuring the process in our #megmademini tomorrow!

I love it on bathroom vanities, on floors + doors, in kitchens or on pieces of furniture. I seriously don’t think I have met a well done cerusing that I haven’t been over the moon about. I agree with Kelly Wearstler when she says that cerusing “adds a super refined pattern to any environent.” She loves it so much she made this cerused dog bed/house. I think Jack Jack needs one, but mommy may have to make it herself as that price tag is slightly out of my doggy budget ($2,500)!

Here are ways to incorporate cerusing into your home that are slightly more affordable than this Wearstler dog bed.

Bathrooms are one of my favorite rooms to decorate because you can do something a little bit more creative in there that you might not do in a large room. You can add clay tile or a fun vanity. Maybe even a fun mirror or light fixture. I think it is the perfect spot for cerusing! Here is an example of a cerusing or pickling finish. It is a light oak finish and the grain is filled in with white glaze.

photo via My Domaine

This bathroom is so over the top fabulous with its black stain and white cerusing. It is a little opulent for my taste, but I sure do appreciate its via Pinterest

I just recently saw my first cerused kitchen and holy smokes, it has made it onto my bucket list. I must have a cerused kitchen in my life. Look at the beauty. Just spectacular.

photo via Kate Roos Design

photo via Decor Pad

Obviously, the on furniture one hits home the most for me because I am doing it out the wazoo for clients right now. I am quite literally obsessed with the look. I am obviously a painted-furniture addict, but there is something about wood grain that excites me. Then, accenting it with the white glaze is out of this world.

Here is a version of black stain and white via Waiting on Martha

The fun thing about cerusing is you can stain or paint it any color. I love how Little Green Notebook stained it in a beautiful blue. And that tassel, OMG!

photo via Little Green Notebook

our Bennett Project

So you are getting by now that I think cerusing can go anywhere. Here are a few places though that are not as common, but should be because they are killer!

photo via Robert J Erdmann Designs

How genius is this take on a shiplap wall. Ceruse it!photo via Pinterest

I love everythign that Cote de Texas touches and this floor is no exception!

photo via Cote de Texas

Below are links to some of my favorite pieces we have in inventory that would be perfect candidates for cerusing!


Let us know if we can answer any questions! We’d love to customize one for you!

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