One of the BIGGEST transitional trends that you are going to see this new year is that of Modern Countryside. Y’all let me start by saying – I love it! I have to be honest, I enjoyed the farmhouse trend, but I felt like it just wasn’t permanent enough for my taste, and with countryside chic – I am getting the best of both worlds! Modern Countryside is literally farmhouse but at the NEXT LEVEL. It takes the older European/English styles, and vintage pieces, mixed with neutral-toned florals, and beautifully luxurious materials, and the best themes of farmhouse (like wood, light materials, light colors, exposed materials, and all-around casual) but mix it with luxury AND modern- and wow – you get this amazing countryside trend! Actually, I keep calling it a trend, but I don’t think it’s your typical trend that we’ve seen in the last few years. Modern Countryside is actually here to stay, and you’re going to see it throughout this entire decade – because it’s more than just a trend – it’s an informality!

To master this look – it’s kind of starting with farmhouse elements, but then going one of a few ways. You can go all Victorian countryside, and really bring out the older, natural look, or you can go modern countryside and do a patterned tile, with gold elements! Listen, although hard to distinguish in words- there’s definitely a vast variety of looks out there! Some decor elements that you may see are archways, exposed brick, natural colored tile, minimal amounts of pattern, but when there is a pattern it is grand and sets the room, natural earth-toned colors, and detail within all the elements. But what makes a room modern countryside are these key features: simplicity, mismatching of materials, colors and elements, imperfections and informality – relaxed, unofficial, without a specific trend, practicality, patterns (but not too many), minimal accessories, and all together, a warm and cozy vibe.

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