Turn an Outfit Into a Room

Needing some inspiration for your next room makeover? If you’re having a hard time choosing what style will speak to you, why don’t you take a closer look at your favorite outfit. The outfit that makes you feel like, you know, you. The one that makes you happy, comfortable and gives you that eager attitude to conquer the day. Yes, that outfit. Now envision that style incorporated into your room makeover. Wouldn’t that be next level amazing?  Whether your style is laid back and relaxed, or sophisticated and edgy, finding décor and accessories that matches your established style will make your house feel that much more a home. And, it will be a place that encompasses all that you are, as the aspects that make you shine, will be brought to light in the fine details throughout your space.


While looking at your clothes, in its simplest form, ask yourself: which colors am I most drawn to? Now, I’m all about accents and stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to bringing the magic back to furniture, however, adding the colors you’re comfortable with to your room will provide a very effortless story that defines you, to the space. If you find yourself wearing neutral colors more often, choosing gray, tan, and pale paint colors for the walls , or choosing furniture pieces in those colors, can create a peaceful setting for your space. With that, linens, pillows and blankets can be a simple transition to incorporate into the furnishing, creating the perfect room. It’s the same with brighter colors. If you like wearing blues and oranges, adding a rug, wall art, or some accent flowers to your table will create a familiar feeling that will surely make you feel at home.

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Stripes, plaid, paisley, or any type of pattern, can be brought into your home in a very natural way. Adding a pattern to the fabric on your dining room chairs or choosing an accent piece like an ottoman or a tufted bench, with a pattern fabric, can really enhance the space and give it that vibe that it was missing. Adding curtains with a pattern can also be a very relaxed way of adding some volume to the space, without it being too loud and taking over the room. Even adding a patterned tile to your bathroom or kitchen, can be an exciting way to incorporate pattern into the room! One of my favorite ideas is to add a pattern or texture to the ceiling! Sometimes what’s above our heads isn’t always seen, but I can guarantee, a show stopping ceiling will make all the difference.

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Accessories are sometimes the final touch in bringing your outfit to life, and that’s exactly the same with your home. Accessories, or accents and décor, are a must in finalizing the aesthetics of a room. For instance, if you notice yourself wearing gold or silver jewelry, adding gold or silver hardware to your furniture pieces or a gold or silver frame mirror to your wall is an easy fix to give purpose to the room that once seemed like it was missing something. Metal is also an extremely simple way in incorporating silver tones into the house – like adding a metal frame, or a metal table centerpiece to your furnishings! If you notice that your favorite purse has some fringe hanging from it, you can incorporate a table runner lined with fringe hanging on your dining room table. If you like wearing wooden bangles, or the natural wooden sunglasses and watches, add tall wooden candle holders to the mantle. What about your shoes? If you find yourself wearing thicker clothing or chunky sneakers, why not add some chunky wooden beams across the ceiling to finish off the space? Incorporating your desired look of accessories into your home and making connections with the décor can complete your space, without overdoing it.

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You wouldn’t wear your favorite outfit if it wasn’t comfortable, and the same rule should apply to the materials in your home! If you often where cotton or linen, adding a linen lamp shade and natural textures to the environment would be an amazing addition. Adding a ship lap wall or a butcher block counter top will bring out the natural elements of a home, and create a warm and inviting accent to the space. If you find yourself in denim more often, you can incorporate a rougher material like burlap into the curtains and window finishes.


We all want a warm and inviting space that we can call our home. And to do that, incorporating candles and some of your favorite scents into the room can be just the thing to complete the space. Nothing is better than wearing your favorite outfit, and then spraying on your favorite perfume or cologne to conquer the day. Everyone has a scent that just makes them feel relaxed and at peace, and adding that scent to your home will make your space the best part of your home. If you like warm and spicy scents, adding an apple cinnamon candle can make it all the better. If you are more into floral, adding a lavender or lemongrass candle will make you feel relaxed and serene. All of which will make your home, your favorite place to be.

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