Okay, guys, I have been waiting to write this blog since September! Halloween is TOMORROW, and if you’re not binge-watching some Halloween movies tonight, did you even do Halloween? Anyways, I can’t wait to dive into some Halloween classic movies later tonight, and it got me thinking, what if we turned one of these movies into a room? Okay, not the actual scary aspects, but you know, the overall aesthetics if you will. But this is all in good fun anyway! We’ve done this with Turning an Outfit into a Room, and Turning a Scent into a Room, but I think it’s only fitting to try it out for Halloween! Today, we’re showing you the best way to turn your fav Halloween movie into a room, whether it’s dark & moody, or bright & orange – you are going to be amazed at how spooktacular this is!

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky… you get the idea! Is there anything more classic than the Addam’s family? We’ve all watched and we’ve all loved it, and now we’re going to use it’s aesthetic for a room inspo! Sound’s ooky right? When I think of this show, my mind immediately goes to black and white, and moody of course. So that’s what we’re going to go with. Adding touches of black and white decor throughout can be the easiest way to do so! Whether you want to add some large black and white buffalo plaid pillows to the sofa, or going in with some black and white florals in a vase, both would be awesome options. Besides the color scheme, going in with some moody decor is the way to go too! Think dark, gothic, and deep colors, and you got the look! Check out our blog on moody decor for some more inspo. Also, the Addam’s family, no matter how creepy, gives a very art deco glam feel to the space. Going in with grand features like molding, mantles, and gold accents can fit in perfectly! 


Source: 100 Layer Cake

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, right? The cult classic still is seen as one of the all-time best, and most-watched, Halloween movies! I mean, I can’t get enough of it, it surely makes sense that it’s the best. If you want to take some inspiration from this awesome movie, first things first, add velvet! The three sisters’ cloaks are made of velvet, so it’s only necessary to go in with it for your textiles – but make sure they have some color to them! Try going bold with upholstery, and upholster a chair in some green, or purple velvet to truly get the Hocus Pocus look, if that’s not for you, try some orange velvet pillows or even a velvet comforter! Besides velvet, also think rich deep colors to accomplish a true Hocus Pocus decor! Red, plums, rich buttery blacks, and olive greens would fit perfectly. 


Source: Madness & Method

Now, this decor style is going to be fully based on Sally in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Wait before anything, do you think this is more of a Halloween or Christmas movie? Honestly, I can’t decide! Let us know what you think. But to start off, you have to go in with some light blue and teal, mauves, and yellow decor to make this true to the movie. Little accents here and there like in florals, upholstery, blankets, pillows, and even with a vase, or frame, can be the perfect way to ease into some teal colors. Another thing that you just NEED to incorporate into decor if you truly want Nightmare Before Christmas vibes is… a patchwork blanket! I know, maybe it’s not always the go-to for decor, but y’all that would truly bring Sally’s outfit into the decor. And honestly, I’m here for it!


Source:  Thouswell

Another all-time favorite of mine is Casper! What a friendly little ghost. I loved watching Casper as a kid and brings back so many fun memories. To make your home Casperesque, the best way to do it is to go with sheer! Go in with sheer white curtains and table cloths to accomplish this look! Of course, the color white would be enough in and of itself, but if you want to make it true to the show, sheer is the way to go! Also, going in with some draped and layered textiles, or ruffles, can also bring some Casper vibes. Glass is also your friend for some Casper vibes. Going in with glass candle holders or a  glass vase, will give you that see-through vibe along with the sheer! 


Source: Monica Wants

One of the Halloween classics that literally defines Halloween is Beetlejuice. But how do we turn that in the room? Start with stripes! The ever so famous Beetlejuice outfit is that thick-striped black and white jumpsuit. We don’t have to go with the color, but of course black, white and green surely will make the Beetlejuice statement, but going in with some thick striped decor will surely bring you, well dare I say it, Beetlejuice, vibes. Try adding a thick-striped blanket to your sofa, or go in with a striped area rug! If you want to incorporate stripes and are just not sure how, check out our blog about how to use stripes. Another way to incorporate this movie into your decor is to go in with metal! Beetlejuice has that grayish pale skin color and silver/green hair, that it would only make sense to add some silver metals into the decor. Metal hardware, metal wiring baskets, and even some galvanized decor like napkins holder and canisters, can be perfect in the kitchen!


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