Don’t you just love the fresh, warm smells of summer? Whether it’s the smell of the salty water of the ocean or your favorite tanning lotion. Or maybe it’s the smell of fresh garden roses or the way your laundry detergent smells as a swift breeze hits the sheets, because your windows are open, and all is just so good. Whatever your favorite summer scent is, when you smell it, it instantly brings you to a place of comfort, relaxation and that ahhhhhh moment, and we want you to feel this serene feeling, all year long! How you may ask? Well, we’re going to take your favorite summer scent and make it our inspiration for some room decor! Candles aside, incorporating those elements that make you feel those amazing feelings are the best ways to make your home that place of pure bliss, and well, maybe keeping summer here forever – fingers crossed.

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The scents of the beach are just so airy and fresh and because of this, we have to decor that gives us those feelings! When you want to decorate with light and airy elements, using lighter materials (both in color and in weight) are the way to go! Cotton and burlap window treatments, natural-toned pillows and upholstery, and definitely one of my favorite, sea green or shades of blue within your decorative elements, will surely give you some beachy vibes. I’m not saying to go all coastal with the decor, unless you love that, but I’m definitely encouraging the use of more natural and raw looking elements because let’s face it, the beach is one of the most natural and raw places to visit! The beach screams relaxation, and so should your space.


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I don’t know about you, but the scent of the sand, the wooden planks of the boardwalk, all the delicious food, and of course, funnel cake, all remind me of the times when I was a kid in the summer! Oh my goodness, going to the boardwalk is just such an awesome place to be, because no matter the age, everyone there gets to be a kid again! If the boardwalk reminds you of the summer, much like beach decor, adding a lot of rawer elements like wooden servers, wooden benches, wooden furniture pieces, and natural tones are a good start. Shiplap walls are also an amazing way to incorporate that plank feel of the boardwalk into the decor! But you can’t stop at neutral. To surely get the boardwalk vibe, you must add in pops of color throughout the space. Think about the Ferris wheel and all its colors, or the lights and balloons that you have to pop with a dart when you’re playing a game for the gigantic stuff bear, that we all know is nearly impossible to win. Adding pops of colors throughout the space will definitely give you boardwalk vibes for sure.


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One thing I love about the spring and summer is that everything is in full bloom. The flowers are smelling amazing and looking amazing, and all the summer flowers are standing tall with help from the sun, and the occasional rainstorm (and if you love the scents of the summer rainstorms, going with moody, gray and green toned decor elements, may work for you). If you love the aromas of the garden, incorporating lighter and airy colors into the decor is a must! Colors like pale lavender, sage or a dusty rose or mauve, definitely will give you garden vibes throughout the home. But if we want to play it a little more safely, simply adding faux or real flowers throughout the home will truly bring that garden in. Having ruffled elements in your home like a ruffled table runner, or some ruffles on your pillows, can also give a garden vibe as it can represent the petals of the flowers.


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Now I know we all love a good smelling barbecue, and the smell of it can instantly bring you to a place of summer fun, but I am definitely not telling you to make your house smell like that! What I am telling you to do though is to incorporate elements that remind you of a barbecue! For instance, going with metal hardware on your cabinetry and furniture, darker backsplash and countertops, or metal decor items like vases, utensil caddies, picture frames, or even signs and wall art throughout your house, can definitely remind you of your favorite barbecue memories if thought about when decorating! Going with dishware that’s made of melamine is also a fun way to incorporate a bbqesque feeling into your meals! Even incorporating some furniture like a chaise lounge, can give you that summer party feels, as you lounge inside your home!


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We all love a good ol’ campfire at the end of a long, hot summer day. Gathered around with family and friends, roasting marshmallows and the smells of the burning wood and embers – YES! To incorporate this campfire vibe into your home, going with the natural elements of decor and creating a space that is inviting and cozy will definitely remind you of your favorite summer memory. Having a lot of blankets as some decor elements, and rustic-inspired rugs, are definitely a way to invite people in and create some coziness in the space. Adding some bigger comfy pillows, and using warmer toned colors to offset lighter colors, like gold, and darker grays, are also a great way to bring those campfirey charcoaly vibes inside. Gold hardware also can remind you of the warm fire and embers, and incorporating that into your furniture and cabinetry can do wonders!


Like always, you should always enjoy your space, and if these special moments of summer are what makes you happiest, incorporating that into your decor all year long will make you feel at peace. Of course, adding some of these scents in terms of candles, oil diffusers, or room sprays can definitely be that added touch to make you always feel like you are lounging around, relaxing, and taking in the best moments of summer.

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