Isn’t it the worst that the room or space that is meant for cleaning, is sometimes the least tidy? Y’all were talking about our laundry spaces – and it’s seriously a problem for a lot of us! It’s hard to keep things organized in a place that always filled with clothes that need washing, and if you’re not doing laundry every day – it piles up! Today we’re going to give you some quick tips that you can do to tidy up that laundry room!

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Maybe it sounds a little obvious, but having 3 hampers  – each assigned to one of your lights, darks, and delicates, will help you tremendously! Having the three empty hampers, will save you some time and keep you organized when you’re not able to get the load done – plus, will get those clothes from out of the bedroom or bathroom, to help keep those spaces clean and clear too!


Something that is also super simple is to have some shelving in the laundry room. If you have a small space, try to find at least one space on the wall where even one shelf can fit, and have it be wide enough to fit your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets! Make re the necessities are kept where they belong, for a stress-free laundry cycle. If you have a bigger space, try repurposing an old bookcase, or cube organizer shelf – to give you those repurposing vibes that we love, while really helping you keep up with the space!


Although this isn’t necessarily strictly tidying up, throwing a coat of bright light paint on your laundry room walls, will help keep the laundry room feeling clean, while also updating it! Sometimes the walls in the laundry room are the last thing we look at, but if the space is actually more inviting and cleaner, I promise you will want to get more laundry done and will want to keep the space looking fresh!


One of my favorite tips to motivate me to do more laundry is to place the most comfortable run right underneath the dryer and washer! There is nothing worse than having cold feet when you do laundry – and laundry usually in the basement, those floors are the hardest and coldest feeling in the whole house. Im not talking anything big here, but getting a faux fur, or a shag rug, or even something that has memory foam – would be perfect to help those feet staying warm when you’re taking on this daunting task of laundry.


If you guys are like me, you don’t like to dry everything. There are just some clothes that aren’t the same after they’re dried, and because of that make sure you have some space to dry them, that way you’re not using the treadmill as a drying rack (we all have done it). If you have space on the wall, going for one of those foldable racks are a great idea, if you don’t have the space, getting one of the rolling clothes racks and keeping it by your laundry, is something that will save you time, and help keep you organized!


This is just a quick tip for y’all who irons your clothes often. To save you time, and stress int he morning, try keeping your ironing board ready to go when your clothes come out of the dryer. Ironing your clothes out of the dryer will help save the headache, and also kind of force you to put the clothes away right after they come out!

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