Wall Decor: How to Fill the Empty Voids

When you are setting up a home or room, one of the choices that can feel the most daunting is what to put on the walls. Not just any old thing will do. It has to be the right size, have meaning or purpose, and fit your budget. Art from Target or World Market can feel impersonal and ordinary. Beautiful large canvas works can blow your budget for the whole room… so what do you do? Well here are a few options that might help you reframe the way you think about wall art.

Use Decorative Mirrors


You may have heard before that placing a mirror opposite a window helps to brighten a room. Mirrors are a great way solution to an empty wall. They come in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose to go big with just one decorative mirror or combine a few smaller ones to occupy the space. A mirror doesn’t have to feel like a cop-out, it can be an active design choice. Around here, we paint vintage mirrors to give them some new flavor. A distressed mirror, like the one above, can also add some personality to the walls.

Keep it Concentrated  


Large walls can be daunting. It can feel like you have to cover the entire space with something. Sometimes, putting something small and concentrated above an existing piece of furniture can do the job. Both of these could easily be DIYed. For the canvas on the left, you could purchase a blank canvas, paint it a solid color (or leave it white) and then use a stamp to create an interesting design or pattern. For the one on the right, just pick up some cardboard letters at a craft store and, paint them and give them a coat of glue and glitter and you’re set!

DIY Shelving 

Gallery walls a popular. Gallery walls art tricky! Get a gallery effect more easily with shelves. This also gives you flexibility when you want to change it up. I love how in this living room, the photographs displayed are all in black and white, which help to unify the display as one large unit. The same guidelines for gallery walls apply- it works best when you choose to do all the same color frame or a consistent theme of some kind.

Go Big 


In a room that has a lot of smaller vignettes, it can be really powerful to have one large piece. Wait until you find something you really love, that will be easy to move from space to space as you and your tastes change. This will be more of an investment, but if you think about it like a piece of furniture, the cost won’t seem so daunting. When decorating a room, leaving some of the budget left for wall decor is important! What’s on your walls can totally make or break the success of the design.

Give it Some Texture 


Wallpaper, wood, or other textures can relieve you of wall art stress. In this room, the textured wall doesn’t need a lot of added interest, because the statement wall is already successfully breaking up the space. If you do choose to add something like these large initials on top of the special wall, they might make the space feel even more complete.

Thank you Crystal Blackshaw for designing some great walls to inspire us!

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