Wallpapering Tutorial + Love/Hate Relationship

So we are in full gear working on our honey do list! When we do house projects, we DO house projects… and then we take like a year and a half off because we need to recover from being crazy DIYers. This week we started wallpaper! From previous experience we knew that wallpapering isn’t for the faint of heart. We joke that we started therapy after doing our hallway together. There were tears, words that are never otherwise said and well, did I say tears? Here are the reasons wallpapering is difficult…

  1. It’s time sensitive. The wallpaper adhesive can dry if you take too long
  2. It’s messy – Thankfully the adhesive we used was water soluble so you could clean it up afterward, but it was really messy
  3. It requires precision – If you are doing a pattern you literally have to line up the (in our case) zebras and pineapples.
  4. It requires more than one roll – You’ll see from our pictures that we we were unable to finish the project.   We had enough for each wall, however, you have to match the patterns so you lose 5-12 inches each section. BUMMER!

Despite all these frustrations let me tell you it’s worth it! You can see from our pictures how we still have a ways to go, but we can already see the potential! We love wallpaper because it does things you can’t do with paint! Paint is typically monocramatic and wallpaper gives you pizazz.

Here is a step by step process of how to do wallpapering if you are interested! There might be better tutorials out there, but this worked for us!

Here are the supplies we used and you can click on them to order them on amazon!

Where to start?

We preferred to start on the left side but I’m sure you can start on the right side of the wall. Also please read the entire tutorial before doing the wallpaper so you can see where and when to use each supply.  Reading the whole thing at once will also give you a bigger picture of the whole process!

Step One – Measure the wall and then cut the paper to fit the length of the wall.IMG_2027Step Two – Lay down the wallpaper on some cardboard on the floor and then apply the wallpaper adhesive with a wallpaper brush.


Step Three – Fold the wallpaper onto itself so that the top of the wallpaper is folded to the center and the bottom is folded to the center.  IMG_2023

IMG_2022Step Four – Start at the top and press it against the wall.  The bottom half of the wallpaper will then unfold so the wallpaper is half the length of the wall. Once you have it secured then unfold the second half of the paper. It makes it easier to move around when the whole piece isn’t attached. We didn’t use sizing this time, but will definitely use it next time. It makes the drying process slower so that you have more time to wiggle it around.IMG_2018Step Five – Do your best to align the patterns on the wall and then start to secure it to the wall. Don’t fear the bubbles, they will be there until you brush them out.IMG_2020Step Six – Although I don’t have pics of this yet, you should use the smoother brush. It is more gentle than the plastic scraper, so use it first to get a lot of the bubbles out. it might take pulling it off a few times to get it perfect, but you got what it takes. Then, use the plastic scraper to get all last bubbles out.  Move the bubbles to the open side of the paper where the wall is still showing. Even if its not perfect wallpaper does its own type of settling on the wall and might move a little bit.  If you look closely you can see our pineapples overlap a little too much but we were told as it dries it will settle and it has!

Step Seven – I almost forgot this part but its self explanatory.  There will be excess wallpaper on the baseboard or trim or at the corners.  Use the razor blade to cut all excess wallpaper away and give it a clean line at the trim or at the corners.

The frustrating part of this is that we had enough wallpaper to cover the wall but we didn’t have enough wallpaper to cover plus the adjustments we needed to match the patterns.  So here are the pictures of where we are at today…now waiting for a package from Hygge & West with yet another roll.

IMG_2014We also did Brooks room too! That little sliver cost me $$$$, ARGHH!!!!IMG_1829_2

Although, we didn’t get finished with the wallpaper we made progress! House projects are a journey and we’re grateful you are on the journey with us!


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