Guys, real talk – it’s cold out! It’s the time of year that if you don’t have gloves on, you are not feeling your hands for a while. I mean, I definitely don’t hate it, but for some reason, summer is looking pretty good right now. Not too rush things, but seriously BRR! Anyways, while it’s cold outside, the one thing we can control is keeping things warm on the inside, and to do that? It’s time to warm up our homes, and get cozy while this cold lasts! Today, we’re going to show you some easy ways to make your home feel warm and cozy for this winter.


Okay, so maybe this sounds a little bit obvious, but y’all it’s not something that you always take notice of! Certain fabrics like cotton, linen, and burlap give a very light and airy feeling, and if you want to warm up the space – you have to use some heavier materials. Adding some faux fur blankets to your sofa or bed, and going in with materials like velvet, leather, knit and sateen are a must to make the space seem warm! Plus, the textures are all super soft and give a very heavy asthetic.


To make the space feel warm, believe or not, adding some white elements can actually be just the thing. Of course, deeper and darker shades of color will do the trick, but going in with pure white accents, kind of makes the other elements in the room seem darker, and for that, and doing some reverse psychology with the decor here, you may not have to change so much around to accomplish this warmer vibe.


This tip here is our fav here at Meg Made. You know we are all about vintage pieces, and it’s really true that some vintage finds can actually make things seem warmer. How? Well, it kind of brings that warm and cozy feeling that in turn, gives an overall warmer vibe for the space. Adding an heirloom to the space, or adding an antique that you found in a shop, can be the perfect addition to warming up the space.


Yes, believe it or not, lighting up the space can be just the thing you need to warm it up! Of course, when choosing some lights, whether you have some string lights or whether it’s the lights in your lighting fixtures, if your goal is warm you need to go with warm-colored white bulbs! There is nothing worse at night than trying to relax in a room with cool-toned white lights, it’s very sterile looking and is too much on the eyes! If your home is craving some warmness, taking a look at the lights is the perfect place to start.


After you’ve checked the lights, the second most important thing to check is the floors! If you’re walking on a cold floor, chances are, you’re going to be cold! In order to instantly warm up the space, adding some area rugs and runners can be an easy way to make the room(s) seem cozy. When placing your rugs, think about where they lead you too – to make the pathway there a way to prepare for the warmness to come!


Ever wonder have many metallic Christmas decor elements there are out there? I mean yes they look amazing, but y’all they literally scream warm and cozy! Metallic decor is amazing because it reflects light when needed but also helps tone thing downs when the light is no longer in its path. Going in with some coppers, bronzes, brass, and even rose golds are the perfect metallics to add to a space. They all have warm undertones, and they complement any space. If you want to go in with silver metallics, they can work too – but make sure you offset them with some warmer textures and elements so that it doesn’t make things seem too cold.

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