We are in Better Homes and Gardens

**So I really wanted to post this several weeks ago, but our website got hacked not once, but 3 times within the last month and we had to divert the page to the store. The hack bot evidently thought it would be funny to replace our pretty pictures on our homepage with text saying that we sold drugs and sex. Lovely, right!**

These last few weeks have been pretty crazy epic around here, right!?! We have a baby, our nephew commits to play basketball at Villanova next year, we celebrate our five-year anniversary and we get a 2-page spread in BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS! What the what, shut the front door, never saw that happening a few years ago.

When I got a call from Allison several months ago, I literally cried afterwards I was so excited, humbled and happy. You get to see the pretty side on Instagram of what we do, but Joe and I have literally poured ourselves, our finances and all we have into this littler furniture store. So to be recognized by who we deem to be one of the biggest design + decor magazines in the world is literally mind boggling. I honestly didn’t fully believe it would happen until I saw the issue on the magazine stand.

We are so honored to be in the November 2018 of the Better Homes and Gardens issue, very pregnant and all!


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