We have a baby name!

I am impulsive, spontaneous and generally a very open book. Sometimes, too open. It is in my nature and it is just a part of who I am. I very very rarely have trouble making decisions on what I like and don’t. Baby names fall into this same category. Most people either can’t decide on baby names until the end or like to keep it private until towards the end. The whole open book part of our personalities makes it very hard for us to keep it to ourselves.

Naming our kiddos has never been something that Joe and I have struggled with and for us personally, we like to call the baby by their first name from the moment we know the gender. To each their own I guess.

We quickly knew we wanted to name Wells after Joe. Joe’s full name is Joseph Weldon Piercy, so Wells is short for Weldon. We have always loved the name Brooks and funny enough the name totally fits him! Middle names are always nods to family for us, so Brooks middle name is Hamilton as it is my brother,  father and grandfather’s middle name.

Staying with our pattern, we have decided to embrace last names and first names and baby boy #3 will be named Finley James Piercy. He will go by Finn for short. I love that his middle name is after his paternal grandfather. Joe’s dad is a favorite around our house. He is their hero and there is nothing this man can do wrong in our kids eyes. Therefore, James is just perfect for little FJP!

Thank you Monica + Andy for helping us make this real by putting his name on this darling blanket. We are big fans of the store and just a little fun tidbit…we have a dresser in two of their stores, so keep an eye out!

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