We’re having a baby!

When Joe and I got married, we both knew we wanted a big family. Both of us are the youngest of three kids and we love having siblings. Our number has always been four kids. However the decision to go for number three was the most difficult one for us (or maybe just for me). It wasn’t because I didn’t still want four, but simply because MegMade was just hitting its stride and our boys were out of diapers and easier now…and being pregnant is exhausting and starting at ground zero again. We decided there is no perfect time and now, thankfully baby boy #3 is in the cooker now. Click here to see how we announced it on Instagram during our #megmademini.

To be honest, I was really hoping for a baby girl, but after the initial shock of having three boys, I am now pretty excited. I know that I am very blessed to be able to have children and I don’t take that for granted. So the fact that God destined me to be a boy mom is just fine. I love the relationship that Wells and Brooks have and I know, with all my heart, that they will be the best big brothers ever.

After getting over a whole new low in terms of exhaustion, I am back to normal now that I am 18 weeks. It has been so nice to have warmer weather as it is no joke being pregnant and watching two boys. Sending them out to the backyard has been a God-send. And thankfully, I have an amazing team at work and they have let me take naps on the floor of my office when I literally just cant take another step.

Our house is not ideal for adding another as we only have two bedrooms upstairs, but we are going to make it work for now. We are already a very touchy family and when awake are together, so it will be fine. I am just a little sad I don’t get to design a nursery this time as that is my favorite thing to do. We will just be re-doing our bedroom to allow for a crib and glider. I promise to post about how we make it work as I know a lot of other people are int he same situation.

This time around we are keeping it pretty simple, no need for tons of toys or baby equipment. Life has been pretty crazy with store growth, the store moving and just everyday life. Because of this, I just crave simplicity. We are pretty excited about numero 3 and are so happy that it is finally announced. We will share more as the next 5 months unfold! It has flown so far and I am sure it will continue to (fingers crossed)!

*photo by Julie Newell Photography

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