We’ve Moved – Can I get a woot woot!

Major changes in life make me very nostalgic, but also put a new vigor in me that I didn’t even know I had. They excite me in ways that nothing else does. This move has done just that. I am a little (just a little) sad to move out of our old place on Dover that gave so many amazing memories, but I am not typically someone who looks back, but rather looks towards what’s ahead. I guess that is a quality that makes me a good candidate for being an entrepreneur?

We moved to our new little plot of land in this big city of ours last weekend and instead of slaving over the boxes, we bought a slip n’ slide and some burgers and got down to having fun, what it’s all about and the main reason we moved. We definitely realized the mess we ignored inside the house on Sunday though and got busy. I am happy to say that after a long day of unpacking, and shipping the kids off to my brother/sister in-laws, were almost there! Phew.

We wasted no time in making design decisions on the big items, but we are taking our time(ish) on the smaller decorative items.

Here are my thoughts on the new house. What I love and what I settled for.


Backyard – You guys, my boys are wild. They are little country boys being raise in a big city and this gives them a “room” where they can have water balloon fights, play with dirt and rocks and get some energy out. This was the biggest item on our “must-have” list and we couldn’t be happier. The whole family is adjusting our life, and daily routine, around the backyard. Our bathtub is now brown at night and our kids are out the minute their heads hit the pillow. Happy mom, happy kids!

No construction – To be honest, every ounce in my body wanted a fixer-upper because then I could get a house with fun vintage quirks and also have the updated feel. It was a difficult decision to buy this house that was already finished with very basic contractor grade finishes, but we are so glad we did. For this phase in our life with little ones and a baby business, we decided that we didn’t have the capacity (or budget) to do it and stay married. JK…kind of.

Same floor – In our previous place the kids were downstairs and we were upstairs and I hated it. One of my requirements was that we were on the same floor. Well, the boys are sharing a room and are across the hall from us upstairs now. They love it and we love it too. In the morning, they come across and snuggle with us. We have a little house and we are kind of living on top of each other, but to be honest, I love it. My little rugrats are my everything so when I am not working and am home, I want them all up in my grill, per say.


Neighborhood – I love Portage Park. It is family-oriented, it has great parks, it is affordable. However, it is far from our friends, our work and Wells school. We decided to settle for Portage Park for now so that we could put more money into MegMade, not feel strapped for cash and save up some money for our next dream house. Don’t get me wrong, it is an AWESOME neighborhood, but just far from what we know, which some would say is social suicide. But we chose to see it as we have the opportunity to make new friends.

No construction – As I said above, I love that we can just move in and that all of the things we do are immediately noticed because all that was needed was décor, but it is also not exactly what I wanted. I wanted a house with a little more charm, but I think it’ll do just fine!

All in all we are so happy. We feel so blessed to be able to own our home and our own business. We will be in touch with the updates as they get finished. But for now…back to boxes, bbq’s and kids.

I had to add that pic, it was too good. Have a good week folks!

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