What to bring when furniture shopping

We love all of our customers equally, we promise! However, there are a few that make it especially easy to love! When people bring one or more of these, we get little butterflies inside.

1. Measure: When you measure the wall it is going to go on, we not only make sure that it will fit, but that the size will look right against your wall. If there are any obstructions that come out, note those too, so it will fit snuggly against your wall.

2. Bring a picture: Many of our pieces are finished and painted so you can see them online and know the color, but it can be a little overwhelming for some when they customize the piece if they don’t have a picture of what else is going in the room. If you have a photo, maybe there is a color you want to pick up on from another piece or a finish that would complete the room and how sad if you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t bring a photo! The headboard color we chose for our own bedroom came from a tiny bit of teal in the painting above our bed. if you look closely at the ship on the left you can see it!


3. Room layout: Believe me, we at MegMade are no architects. Our room layouts are normally on napkins with squiggly and not proportional lines, but when you map out the room, it helps a lot! Frequently people will map out their room and have wall measurements for where each piece they need must fit. Occasionally, they even bring drawn out room plans. Here is a great post by Apartment Therapy with their favorite room planning apps! Hope this helps you with your decorating projects and that you have fun while you do it!


4. Bring a little inspiration: Create a board on Pinterest  or print outs of ideas or styles you like so we can have fun dreaming up the piece and what it will look like with you! Click here to see my Pinterest page.


5. Bring in paint or fabric samples so that we can make sure it compliments or matches!

We absolutely LOVE what we do and helping you find your perfect piece never gets old to us!


*ipad layout photo compliments of apartment therapy.

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