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After posting last week about our new slogan “Furniture with Purpose,” I received some emails and messages asking about who we give to. I will blog about the charities we give to, but first I wanted to write a quick post about why we give in the first place. It’s important to understand our heart behind the giving, because it is a heart condition more than a money condition for us.

Growing up, my parents provided for all of my wants and the majority of my needs. We were very blessed and my parents did an amazing job at supporting us in that way. With that said, my mom and dad always instilled in us a desire to give back. Not just give to the poor and needy, but just in general to have a joyful, giving heart. Not at all in a religious sense of duty, but in a heartfelt way.

I am very grateful that it translated into my adulthood. Ever since my very first job at a PR firm right out of college, I have always been the most excited about the philanthropic activities offered. Thus, when we started MegMade, choosing charities to support was something that really excited me.

So giving has become a part of who I am and so when I was thinking about why I give, it really struck me that the reason I give is because Jesus gave first. It is perfect timing to reflect on the reason I give as we celebrate Easter.

On Good Friday, we mourn Jesus death. His perfect life lived as an offering for us. Then tomorrow we celebrate his resurrection. He died so that I could live. So any small way I can give back for the huge gift He gave me in eternal life excites me.

See “God loves a cheerful giver!” (II Corinthians 9:7) and I love giving in secret and I love giving gifts and seeing the joy when they receive as well. It all excites me! It makes me feel that much closer to Him when I give.

So thank you for supporting MegMade because it goes a lot further than just our business, it blesses many others!

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