Sep 16 2015

Brooks Inspiration Board

We had Brooks on 12/13/14 and he’s an absolute joy.  He took over Wells’ room and Wells got moved into a new bedroom that was previously unfinished.

It wasn’t until the last couple of weeks we decided we wanted to make some changes to Brooks room/Wells old room..  We wanted Brooks to have his own room.  He is already wearing Wells hand me down clothing so the least we can do is give him his own room and not a hand me down (nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, we are both third children)!

Our goal was to create a room that would transition into a guest bedroom in the next year, but we also wanted to make it feel like a little boys room.  Needless to say here are our ideas!

2015.09.16 Brooksinspiration

Let me know what you think!!


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