May 29 2015

Cartwheels, Dressers & Before+Afters

Growing up, my mom was a fun mom. She still is, don’t get me wrong. But growing up she was the kind of mom that would do cartwheels and somersaults in the front yard. My brothers friend broke her nose playing basketball in our front yard because she was so good at defense.

You may ask how that translates to dressers. Well, when I see a dresser that me likey, I revert back to the excited little girl I was in the front yard and do a cartwheel. It’s that excited feeling that you just can’t control. It never gets old! It might literally be a cartwheel, but chances are, just the feeling I get when I do one!

That feeling normally only comes a day or two a week, but this week, it is like hourly as we get more and more amazing pieces in! I think we have the best stock ever right now! Take a look at some of our newbies!




Just so you aren’t freaked out by the befores, here are some afters to show you how they can be beautified! Check it out!





2015-05-29_0005 Woohoo for fabulous pieces! so excited to get working on them!



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