Feb 07 2017

Cerusing: Before and After

This piece has a great structure, but seriously needed a new finish and some new hardware. I decided it would be really cool to ceruse this piece, since we haven’t done that finish for a floor piece in a while.

First, the hardware was removed and the piece was sanded and prepped. The dresser was in good condition from the start, which is always nice! I love the rounded front of this dresser and the drawers are nice and deep for good storage.

I was able to work with one of our guys on this piece who had never done cerusing before. I taught him the technique and he picked it up so quickly! I think he did a great job. We stained the piece a dark gray and let that dry before going in with the white wax.

The wax is what gives the piece the cool texture. It goes into the grain and highlights the texture in the wood. I came in to help on this part because it’s a really fun process!

I picked out new pulls from Rejuvenation that would suit the piece. Some quick advice about changing hardware- try to stay close to the original size and shape of the hardware you are replacing. It is that size and shape for a reason, and if you go a little bigger or smaller, it can look really out of place. Similarly, if you have really straight pulls and choose something curvy, or vice versa, it can really fight the structure of the piece. So I chose pulls that were very similar to the original ones.

I think they turned out awesome on the piece! I love this dresser. Here’s an example of a similar one we did for a customer. She used it as a bedroom dresser and tv stand.


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