Jul 01 2016

Charity of the Month- July

Every month we donate 10% of our profits to a different charity. This month we have chosen Supply Hope. One of our employees, Johanna, works closely with this organization and volunteered with them in Nicaragua for a month last summer.

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Supply Hope is a non-profit organization focused on creating opportunities for families living in poverty to earn a reliable income through micro-franchises. Supply Hope trains and equips families living in poverty in Nicaragua to operate micro-franchises that will provide them with a livelihood. When addressing poverty, they recognize the need for sustainable solutions that build capacity and empower people to improve their lives and futures. The want to see children’s needs met by their own families, ending dependency and providing hope and dignity.

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Johanna was able to interview many of the store operators down in Nicaragua and hear how having an opportunity to work has changed their lives. Women in Nicaragua do not have the same rights as men. Those who are single mothers often have trouble providing for their children alone, especially when working out of the house is difficult while taking care of young children. Supply Hope provides these women with the opportunity to operate a Mercado Fresco store, which sells fresh products at affordable prices. Not only has this raised income for over 50 families in Managua, Nicaragua from $2/day to an average of $7/day, but it also provides access to quality, affordable food for their communities. Supply Hope is currently in the process of scaling up to 250 stores in Nicaragua by 2018. Further plans include expansion throughout Latin America.


We are so happy to support an organization that allows women to have their own businesses and helps families provide for their children!



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