Jun 11 2016

Coral Me Pretty

Generally, we suggest neutral colors when painting a piece of furniture, so you won’t grow sick of it and it’ll last you a long time. However, sometimes, a bright color is just the bold statement the piece or the room needs, and it can be glorious when done right. Coral is a paint color we carry in stock, but few are daring enough to try it 🙂 So we thought we’d give you some inspiration of how to introduce this fun color into your home (just in time for summer)!  2016-06-07_0006

Coral can pair with warm or cool colors: a light blush, a sea foam green, a navy. It can be introduced subtly with a velvet pillow or can be the focus of the room on a dresser. It can be the one feminine touch in a neutral or masculine room. It can go modern or vintage. There are many ways to make it work for your space!


I love how the coral wall in the image above helps to update the vintage pieces in the room. If you aren’t ready for an entire wall or large piece of furniture to go bright, a small painted side table could be the perfect balance for you. Or perhaps a luxurious and fun velvet coral accent chair will do the trick 🙂


For those who want to go varsity level coral, an entire hutch or love seat might be an amazing focal piece in your home. This choice isn’t for those who want to play it safe- but if you are wanting to get a little risky, the results can be fabulous. Your home should make you smile, so fill it with pieces that will bring you joy!

(Images from House and Garden, Apartment Therapy, My Domaine, Style Me Pretty, Isuwannee, and MegMade)



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