Sep 21 2015

Exciting Things Happening at MegMade + State of the Art Paint Booth

If you have been following us through Instagram or Facebook you probably know we installed a new state of the art paint booth. 2015-09-21_0001 We have always prided ourselves with the ability to find the best pieces and give them a professional finish, however, there were just some finishes that were beyond our reach. We longed to have extremely shiny finishes and finishes that looked “wet.” So we did something about it and purchased and installed a state of the art paint booth.

We now have a dust free painting room that allows for us to do oil-based paint. We still use our water based lacquer on pieces too, but even that goes on better and gives a shinier finish when you have an upgraded spray gun and air compressor!

Here are some pictures of some of our wet finishes. If you’re wondering what we mean by wet, its an expensive paint that when applied properly makes your furniture always look like its still drying. It’s a permanent wet look. The best example would be to describe it as a piano grade. 2015-09-21_0002 We are so excited to be able to offer these finishes to you and when you come in next time know that the sky is the limit is what we can do with our furniture and yours!


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