Jun 18 2017

Father’s Day Feels

Happy Father’s Day! I wanted to take a second to talk about my husband, Joe. Not only does he kill it here at MegMade, he is truly the best father to our two little boys.

I posted a photo on Instagram this week of Joe gettin’ his hands dirty, which says so much about his “let’s get it after it” attitude.

A lot of people might not know, but Joe is the muscle behind MegMade. If you’ve ever stopped in our showroom, especially over the past couple of weeks, you would find him running around moving furniture, organizing deliveries, or coming up with social media ideas. He dreams big, and our family loves him for that.

He’s the best dad ever, the boys have no idea how lucky they are… Happy Father’s Day, Joe!

This photo perfectly describes what kind of father Joe is, we are constantly laughing and having fun as a family. A production company was filming here at MegMade last month, and the producers could not get enough of this man. The one liners that come out of his mouth are pure production gold.

Happy Father’s Day, to all of you amazing Dad’s out there!

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