Oct 28 2016

5 Favorite Fall Trends

Can we all agree that fall clothes are the best clothes? You can get creative with layers but not have to then cover it all up with a down jacket. You get to wear booties and scarves and sweaters and everything is comfy cozy. You just can’t beat it! We have been having some perfect fall weather and getting to break out our favorites pieces. Here are some trends this fall that we are digging.

Low Block Heels


We are all tall around here, so if short heels are in, we are on board. These shoes look great with pants or dressers (I mean… dresses). I like that they are so casual. I love wearing heels but I don’t love being uncomfortable or feeling over-dressed. These shoes are a great way to get that little boost and lots of style points without overdoing it. The black ones are from Madewell and the bottom ones are from Free People and come in four different colors!

Potter’s Clay


Images from Alexandria Mavis and Glam Radar

This orange-brown hue is a carry-over trend from last season, but it seems to be sticking around. I’m happy about it because I love this color! It looks amazing with black or navy and it looks great on clothing or accessories.

Wool Baseball Caps


Images from ZKKOO and The Fancy Pants Report

Baseball caps are not just for days you don’t wash your hair…although they’re GREAT for that too. These wool hats are casual but oh-so-stylish. We love how they look with a good chambray or button down shirt!

Leather Backpacks/Satchels 


Images from Yearsbag, Fossil, Neoleather, and Bygoods

Fall=back to school=backpack shopping. Even if you haven’t been a student for quite some time, backpacks are a great alternative to a large bag. I’m crushing on these brown leather backs, especially the satchel type. I like how the material makes it feel a little nicer than just a regular canvas backpack.

Flare Jeans


Images from Something Navy, Bumping Hanger, and Style Estate

Flare jeans are back people! Remember when skinny jeans first came out and we were all so skeptical? I know it took me a long time to get on board, and now, I almost exclusively own skinny cut jeans. But after trying on flare jeans again, I have to say, they are flattering! Just go and try on a pair and you’ll have an instant flashback to the early 2000s, right before flare went into hibernation for a decade. Or maybe you’ve been holding onto your flare jeans since then and can just finally wear them again.

No matter what your fall style is, I hope that you are enjoying the perfect weather! November is fast approaching and we all know what that means… Fall is way too short!!

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