From boring to French Country Chic dining room table

Here is the schedule. Joe has bible study on Monday nights, so he goes a little early and stops at all of the Salvation Army and other thrift shops on the way and picks up our weekly projects. With me not working anymore, we could use all of the extra cash and we have found a fun way to do it. So, he sends me the pic of the piece and ya or nay it. 

Here is the picture he sent me:

We then painted the chairs and table a creamy white, sanded the top of the table and stained it Kona Rust-Oleum, recovered the chairs and then furniture waxed the piece to make it look more country.

Sorry that the picture was taken in our basement, but our dining room table weighs more than an elephant, so use your imagination. Picture it set for Thanksgiving or with a pretty bowl and flowers on it 🙂

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1 Comment
  • I like it! Especially the chair fabric…. so light and fun

    September 26, 2012 at 7:44 pm

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