Nov 26 2016

Get the Look

Pinterest is a glorious thing, but sometimes, it can feel discouraging. I often look through all the beautiful interior design pins and think well my house will never look like that. Whether it be cost, styling, or simply not knowing where to look, there can be a lot of barriers to getting the look you want.

Mid Century Small Dresser 


Image on left from: inspirations deco

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of popular pins with pieces of furniture similar to ones we have in stock right now. The mid century four drawer dresser above is almost identical to the one on the left. If you were after that warmer walnut stain, we could even match it to that color! It’s an amazing piece and I’m shocked it hasn’t sold yet. If you love it, snatch it quick! It would be great in almost any room of the house. I know that Anthropologie sells a similar mirror to the one in the inspiration photo, but you can also find great DIYs for that look- like this one.

Antique Bedroom Dresser 2016-11-21_0002

Image on left from: Thoughts from Alice 

This dresser is one we get in pretty often and is very popular. We do a lot of them painted in white and sometimes they have casters on the bottom. In the beautiful bedroom above, I love that the dresser is left in the original stain. These pieces also look amazing restored, like this one. They usually have a few curves, but aren’t as curvy as the Frenchy style pieces. For this reason, they go great in rooms with mostly straight lines. It helps to break up the geometric style and add in some softness, without feeling out of place.

Queen Anne Buffet

Image on left from: Crazy Wonderful

We have this Queen Anne buffet in stock right now that is SO similar to the piece on the left. Painted in black, it would be almost identical. These buffets can be used in an entryway, dining room, as a tv console… literally wherever. They add some great storage space, but don’t feel clunky because of their height off the ground. For some customers, this style feels like too much, but as you can see, once painted they are very elegant!

Frenchy 9-Drawer Dresser

Image on left from: Neiman Marcus 

Why pay over $2,000 for this dresser from Neiman Marcus when you can get the one on the right for $900, painted in black? We’ve said it before and we will say it again. People just made better furniture 50 years ago than they do today! Go vintage when you can folks. These pieces have already stood the test of time!


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