Aug 29 2015

Getting Organized

First of all, don’t forget that our student + teacher sale goes on for just another few days!

daily docket 2.0.indd

I am still in the school spirit, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks from someone who loves organization, but struggles BIG TIME with it!

Here are a few things that help me keep my head above water while managing a business, two kids and a husband…among many other things!


Did you know that looking for supplies you need can waste 20% of your day? Isn’t that nuts? That is why I try to have everything I need right at my fingertips. Things I need frequently I try to have a backstrock. Especially toner, no fun to run out when you need it!

Daily Docket

I come from a crazy organized family and I love it, but now as an adult, I have to do it for myself and my family, which is a daily struggle. I have tried so many different ways to stay organized and this is by far the best way I have found. I tell you why. I am very much so the spaghetti of the spaghetti and waffle example of how men and women process. Haven’t heard of it? Well, men can compartmentalize their life like a waffle and women’s lives are a jumbled mess and in order for it to seem structured all aspects must seem orderly. That is why I love The Daily Docket. It takes my whole life and helps me make sense of it. It breaks it down by the most important things to get done, dinner, water intake, motivation, workout, breakdown of the day, tomorrows agenda and just plain old stuff that needs to get done. Try it, it might just change your life!

If you are at home with your kiddos (you inspire me), this can work for you too! daily docket 2.0.indd Checklists

At first, checklists scared me if I am honest. In my head I thought I am just setting myself up for failure by having a list of stuff that has to get done daily. So opposite, it has given me a plan and I love it! We have checklists now for every aspect of our business: painters, movers, sales, ordering, marketing, social media…you get the point. We also have a checklist for our home. It helps us know when to change filters, get A/C and furnace serviced, deep clean carpets as well as everyday tasks. For someone who is not organized, this is key.

Knowing your limits

Pretty sure after I had my second child I had a melt down every time I had to clean my house when the kids were asleep. All I wanted to do was crash into bed. So, after a few melt downs, we decided, keeping our house clean on top of everything else was just to much. We looked at our budget and took some things out so we could afford a cleaning lady every 2 weeks. Game change I tell, game changer! If you live in Chicago, ask me about ours, we love her and she is SUPER affordable!


So, I have now admitted that I am a wanna-be organized person, but suck at it. What I have now decided is to live a minimalist lifestyle, that way I have less to clean and everything has a place. I was inspired by The Wardrobe Capsule on getting rid of clothes and have translated it into my whole house. It is really freeing getting rid of stuff. We have loved it.

We already mentioned we are re-doing our house, we will show it to you soon in parts so you can see how we have done this.

Place to work

I am totally guilty of working in bed or on my couch while we watch shows like The Profit, but what I have found is having a space that I can dedicate to focusing is key! Some things I can do casually, but when I need to focus, I need a space to do it! Here are a few fabulous desks that we have now that could help! This is one of my current faves!

2015.08.29-white-desk Hope this was helpful!



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