God can even use Salvation Army to bless our socks off!

So anyone who knows us knows that we adore Salvation Army and Goodwill and many of you have reaped the benefits of what we have found there, but this pretty much tops the list. 

So, as you know from our previous blog, Joe and I have been desperately searching for a chair, either rocking or glider, to go in our nursery. Not just any old ugly one though, a cute one that looks kind of like a arm chair but is comfy and can go back and forth. 

So I found this one from Pottery Barn Kids as my inspiration, but yea right I would ever spend more than $1,000 on a chair for my nursery.

Attempt 1: We tried to take our yellow arm chair, which I love and add a rocker bottom to it. Um, definitely don’t have the tools to make it perfectly smooth and round on the bottom, was a really bumpy ride. I was so bummed. Attempt 1 = failed. Meg = Sad.

Attempt 2: A friend pointed me to this blog, Mrs. Wigglebottom, which is so cute. She and her husband too are very thrifty and bought a chair at Ikea and added a  swivel rocker base to the bottom (click on link to find out how). So fun and looks adorable in her nursery, but I really liked the old fashioned look of the rocking chair. Attempt 2 = not really attempted. Meg = a little bit of hope, but still looking.

Attempt 3: Joe and I are at Ikea getting a couple of odds and ends and then going by Goodwill to try to find something. Yea right like we would find our perfect chair at a Goodwill. Why would anyone want to get rid of something so beautiful. Well, this is where God (and our Aunt Carol) step in. We were frustrated and about to give in and just buy the rocker part, when a little blessing called our phone. See, Joe and I are never in Arlington Heights which is why this is such a miracle. So, Carol calls and says, hey, just dropped Scott off at the airport and swung by the Salvation Army in Arlington Heights and I found your dream chair…..Excuse me, WHAT?????? You mean you are down the street at the Salvation Army we decided to skip because we were too tired!?!?!?! So, our lonely little chair was sitting amongst some ugliness just waiting for our perfect little nursery 🙂

Well, it was nearly perfect. It had a stain or 2 on the seat and pine legs, but nothing a little Nature’s Miracle and stain couldn’t fix 🙂 And then, here comes the best part! It was originally $45, which is good. But why settle for good, when you can settle for the MLK Weekend Sale and get half off, making it $22.50!!! What a steal, thank you God!! See, He even cares about fulfilling our silly little dream of having a beautiful rocker in the nursery. It is a good God we serve 🙂
Attempt 3 = success!!!! Meg = elated, still can’t believe the deal we got!

So, after a little staining and a little cleaning, here is our new chair, which we LOVE 🙂 

Looks a lot more at home in our nursery, huh?

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