Aug 19 2015

Growing with your home

My husband likes to joke that I love to change the look of our home every 3 months.  It’s not that I like to change everything, but I’m always looking for new and fun ways to spruce up a room.  Even if I’ve already done a room make over I have no hard feelings about doing it again…and again!

These are some photos from our Apartment Therapy tour to give you an idea of the before!

2015-08-19_0005 I’m going to blog about some of our make-overs in consecutive weeks, however, I want you to know some of the reasons why I might change a room.

Reason number 1 – Change in taste
As I have gotten older (and wiser…maybe?!?), my taste has changed.  I started off simple and safe.  Now I’m at a stage in my life where I’m venturing into experimenting with bolder items. Tip toeing, but moving that direction.

Reason number 2 – Change in Trends
I try not to get nervous about the new trends that come our way. In fact, we embrace some of them. We change our taste to reflect that trend if its something we like!  When that trend is over we can always modify what pieces fit the new trend. Not keeping up with the Jones’s, but just updating in small ways.

Reason number 3 – Finances
Right out of college when finances were tight everything was IKEA!  IKEA is fantastic and I still love going there, however, now that we are more established we  look for higher quality pieces that fit our decor. Our current home, we love! However, when we moved in, we had a small, did I say small, budget. We are now investing a little more into the decor of our home. Doing it slowly, but making big impacts.

Reason number 4 – Family Changes
We now have two boys and as they grow we love to change their rooms up.  We kept Wells in the nursery for a year and half and it worked out to hop Brooks in there now.  Wells now has twin beds and when Brooks gets older they’ll be roomies and the nursery will become a guest bed! Needless to say that means that every 1-2 years we need to do some updating.  Instead of getting nervous I get excited because it means I get to do another project! Also having a baby in the home now that is starting to crawl and pull up, we need to be mindful of edges, etc. You get it!

Reason number 5 – Change in season
Many of you might be thinking I literally change every spring, summer, fall and winter! There is truth to that, but there are several pieces that work best during different months.  I’m not talking about a Christmas tree either.

These are just a few of the reasons I’ve decided to write about and I’d love to hear some of your reasons you change your decor!


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