Aug 31 2015

Honey Do Home Projects!

2015.08.31 under construction

MegMade was birthed because of our love for all things handy! Well Joe and I are back at it again! We’ve finally brought on some amazing people to work with us at MegMade so when we come home at night we can devote ourselves to our passion…PROJECTS!

We have been selected by Neighborhooding to have our house featured! If you saw our house feature on Apartment Therapy two years ago, you’ll be excited to hear we are in over-drive mode to update it again! The great thing about getting featured isn’t necessarily the exposure (which is great) it’s the kick in the pants to get all the things done that we have to get done!

The satisfaction about accomplishing your “to do” list is an AMAZING feeling.

So here is our list! We are going to blog about each project we accomplish! Understand we are on a very limited budget so almost everything will be done by us!!


Kitchen – 0% complete

Add backsplash to the kitchen

Paint the kitchen cabinets

Add another cabinet unit in the kitchen to replace the desk

Remove door from kitchen to the master bath (why was it ever there?)

Replace our back door with a new door

Add wallpaper on the south wall in the dining room

De-clutter furniture with new pieces

Add custom window treatment for big and small window

Change light fixture

Change stools



Living Room– 0% complete

Wallpaper the Mirror Wall

Paint the handrails

Install new light fixture

Change out the rug

Do all the paint touch ups we’ve neglected

Change out entryway table and mirror

Change mantle decorations

Add stair runner
535abff8697ab01609000841._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_ 535abff9697ab00b9f000894._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_
Hallway– 0% complete

Change the wallpaper to paint

Add frames with pictures to line the walls

Install a vent on the utility closet door

Fix closet door (door won’t close)


Hallway Bathroom– 0% complete

Install Tile Floor

Remove the shower and install tile in its place

Move the toilet so its not in the corner

Install a new mirror

Move the mirror light switch from where the mirror next to light switch is

Install a new light

Fix the ceiling

Repaint the bathroom a new color


Master Bedroom– 0% complete     

Add Window treatments

Paint the pocket door

Do all the paint touch ups we’ve neglected


Master Bathroom– 0% complete

Remove the tiles or paint them

Paint the Mirror

Do all the paint touch ups we’ve neglected

Install a new light fixture

IMG_0124 IMG_0120 IMG_0121 IMG_0122


Brooks Room– 0% complete

Brooks Room (Wells’ Old Room)

Wallpaper Brooks Room (1 wall)

Paint Brooks Room

Install window treatment

Custom art work

Add light fixture


Wells Bedroom– 0% complete

Hang pictures above the beds

Install window treatment

Find artwork for empty wall

It’s changed a little bit but here is what it looked like before we did anything. It is actually where MegMade began! We use to paint in this room.

IMG_0144 IMG_0145

Guest Bedroom– 0% complete

Hang art above the guest bed

Install recessed lighting

Switch up the wardrobe with a dresser and mirror

Install window treatment on doors

535ac14b697ab015820008da._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_ 535ac196697ab015d70008fc._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_

Hallway Bath– 0% complete

Install glass door on the bathtub

Fix any of the wainscoting

Do all the paint touch ups we’ve neglected

Change out the mirror light fixture

Paint vanity white


Common Area– 0% complete

Add wood to the IKEA Shelves in basement hallway

Slipcover for the couch

Repaint the mirror

Paint the tile floors outside wells room and/or replace it with carpet or new tile

Add seating in the backroom

Do all the paint touch ups we’ve neglected

Clean the carpets

New pillows for couches



Porch– 0% complete

Lacquer the deck table white

Install Shelves on the wall

Install a fan

Hang the antique wheel as a light fixture

This is how Joe feels about this list!


We will add more as we go, but we’ve got our work cut out for us so we’ll keep you posted as we crush it!!

How do you create your house to-do lists? What motivates you to actually do it? How do you decide what to do first?

We’d love to hear from you!


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  • Claire

    You two are so cute!! I’ve got a great tile resource for that kitchen back splash. Excited to see your progress. Xo

    August 31, 2015 at 7:25 pm
  • That is quite the list! 😉 Can’t wait to follow along–I’m sure it will be stunning!

    September 3, 2015 at 1:33 pm

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