Apr 17 2015

How to spray a mirror gold!

I love mirrors! I think they are not only beautiful, but can transform a room and make it look so much bigger! And man, do we get a lot of them! Here are a few of my favorite ways mirrors can transform a space.

Here is our mirror wall that is a main feature of our home off of our living room on the way downstairs! These were all found at second hand stores. We love it and it makes our living room look significantly larger.


At our showroom, we have mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors! We have like 100 mirrors just waiting for a little love. They come to us looking super sad and in need of some serious love! Some are difficult to fix, but some just need a little paint to make them fabulous!

Here is a super easy tutorial that can make that mirror you find at a thrift store go from drab to fab! I am going to show you how to paint it in a gold finish that does not look cheap, but looks realistic, like the ones on our mirror wall. Sometimes, gold spray paint can make something look sorta like plastic or cheap, by adding this simple step to the end, you can make it look much more authentic and expensive.

To begin, find a mirror you like. When I am looking for a mirror, I don’t pay any attention to the color of it at all. I don’t care if it is dark or light wood, painted or not. I just look at the structure and the bones of it. Is it made well? Is it the right size for the wall I need? Is it fabulous?


This mirror is gorgeous. It is in the yellow finish that I detest, but that can all change super easily!

First, clean off the mirror with TSP cleaner to make sure all of the residue is off and won’t keep the paint from adhering. Then put something underneath it to elevate it from the ground. It helps to keep dust from attaching to the wet paint.

I do not always prime my mirrors because the they are not used like furniture. They just sit pretty on a wall. Sometimes, if there are bleed throughs that come through the paint or if there are a lot of dings, I will though.

So next step, grab the spray paint. I have used several, and I mean several, different gold spray paints, and this one is by far my favorite and the most real looking. You can buy it at Michaels, which we did, but you can also buy it on Amazon here. I think it is actually cheaper at Michaels though.


So then I typically spray from the outside in first and then second, I spray from the inside out. I always spray at an angle and not directly down. It make it a lot less likely to drip from overspray and gives a cleaner finish.


Then, you take a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint. This is one I typically use and have been very happy with it. I get mine at Lowes.

You hold your hand pretty far away and you just mist it over the top. What this does is not terribly obvious to the eye when it is on the wall, but it adds depth and a slight bit of age that makes it look like it is an antique. We do the same technique on our hardware.


Sometimes it will sputter a bit and you will get larger dots than you want, no worries. Just take the gold and barely hit it over the top to smooth it out. On the left is where it got a little spotty and then you can see how the gold covered it up.


Next, let it dry for about 30 minutes and then take a blade and gently get all of the spray off of the mirror. I prefer to use a blade after I spray, rather than tape off the mirror. If it is a simple squared mirror then I will tape, but this one is intricate and would have taken longer to tape off than to use a blade to scrape off.

2015-04-17_0008 Next step is obviously to clean it off and get it ready to hang.


Somehow I got convinced to model the new mirror. Yikes!! $225 and it is yours!

2015-04-17_0010 Find the mirror here!



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