Jun 22 2015

Inspire Me Monday…Joe

2015-06-22_0002 Yesterday was a great day! I love celebrating all dads, but especially the father to my children. Joe was preaching at Midway Airport yesterday, so wasn’t around much, but while he was gone, I spent a lot of time thinking about him and the father that he has become. Mondays are about what inspires me and I tell you what, I loved him on our wedding day, but my love for him has grown as I watch him turning into an amazing father. He inspires me!

I started writing a list of the things that I admire about him as a father:

1. He loves them unconditionally: Joe exemplifies what loving your children should look like. He takes the love he has been given from our heavenly father and passes it down to our kids. When they are behaving, he showers them with kisses and praise. When they are misbehaving, he tells them how much he loves them even in their fits. One example happened just last week. Wells, our oldest, who has a will of steel (like his father), was throwing a fit. I think it was over the fact that he didn’t want to wear clothes (happens at least weekly in our house.) Joe, instead of getting upset, carried him down to his room while telling him how he loves him even when he misbehaves and then sat him there to cool down. Ten minutes later, he went back in and talked to him about it. I know that at three, he doesn’t fully understand what his daddy is telling him, but I love that this pattern will progress as he gets older. Joe doesn’t yell at him, but rather handles him calmly. My sister says that by not having big reactions, your kids will come to you and share things with you as they grow up that they otherwise wouldn’t. Joe does that and I already know that their dad will be their best friend and hero growing up.

2. He is present: Joe is a very present dad. He works full time, but when he is with the kids, he is with the kids. He is on the floor wrestling or playing make believe. Or lately flying around the front yard like an airplane. He is not embarrassed to have fun and be goofy. I work on Saturdays and he has the boys alone. He takes them to the zoo or to a friends house. He truly enjoys our kids and they know that and so does everyone else. 2015-06-22_0004 3. He is joyful: Joe is an emotional being. When I saw him for the first time at church I knew that by the way he was tearing up in worship. He experiences life to the fullest. I think it is what I love most about him. He has zest for life and tells everyone about it. I love that it is passing on to our boys. When we are walking down the street, everyone knows our family because we are loud and having fun. Wells says hi to everyone and Brooks starts making giggling noises. Brent, our garbage man and Tre our UPS man have become good friends to our kids. I love that! Life is short, be joyful! Give high fives to everyone walking past at the grocery store like Wells does, it’s fun!

4. He loves their mom well: I think one of the things that was the best growing up is that I knew how much my dad loved my mom. Joe does that well too. Our kids can grow up seeing how a man should treat a woman. That sounds trivial, but in this world, it is so rare and so important. Thank you Joe for showing them how to fight fair, love well and be committed.

5. He loves Jesus well: I love that Joe is the spiritual leader in our family. He prays every night with our boys and in everything, good or bad, leads them to the one that can give peace and joy.

2015-06-22_0003 Joe, you are an amazing man and an amazing father. I love doing life with you and this little family we have created. Here’s to growing old with you and growing our love for each other deeper and stronger as we age.


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