Inspire Me Monday: re-decorating the nursery

So, we are little late in the game. I am embarrassed to say this considering I am in the design field, but my now six month old’s room has yet to be decorated. I know that is not a huge deal for some, but considering my field, that is pretty pathetic! Let’s be real.

So, I am now inspired to get er done. But here is the caveat. When Brooks turns two he will move into a room with his big brother, so the challenge is decorating his room in a manner that it could be a guest bedroom in the future that only needs minimal redecorating.

Excited to spend some time with the super talented Kim from Yellow Brick Home on Wednesday as she gives me some advice! I am all over the board right now, we will see where this thing goes.

More to come later, but here is some inspiration for now!

2015-07-06_0001    2015-07-06_0003 2015-07-06_0004 2015-07-06_0005 2015-07-06_0006 All photos can be seen at their original source through our pinterest page.


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