May 18 2015

Inspire Me Monday…with Orange!

I like to start off each Monday looking at design inspiration. It gets my juices flowing for what colors to decide on for our pieces we paint here, as well as what to recommend for custom creations for customers.

So, as flowers are blooming and spring clothes are emerging, I am inspired by color! This week, by the color orange. I love to wear orange and decorate with orange and it is one color that is totally year round. It is a fun bright pop of color and so fun. Here is some orange inspiration, as well as a piece I just finished in orange! Isn’t it super fun!


1 – Tallboy  |  2 – Side Table  |  3 – Chair  |  4 – Refrigerator  |  5 – Glasses  |  6 – Rug  |  7 – Fan

Here is for a closer up look of the newest MegMade dresser!


Some people can be afraid of this bold of a color, but look how nice it looks in the below photos! Please go to our pinterest page for links to all photos below.


2015-05-18_0003 Now go buy something orange!


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