Oct 16 2015

Inspired by Design


Inspiration can come from anywhere.  We find it in nature and the arts and then express in the way we dress and decorate.

At MegMade, we look at many different venues to find inspiration and then use that to help us dictate how we will finish each piece.  Through our Inspired by Design series you’ll get an inside look into our creative process!

While searching through Pinterest we came across this gorgeous dresser from Dimple and Tangles.  Here is the pic! 2015-10-16_0001 We get pieces like this weekly, so we went through our inventory and found this!

2015-10-16_0002 Here is a snippet of the work that was put into it to make it into a masterpiece worthy of emerald lamps and a brass mirror!

2015-10-16_0003 We transitioned the piece into our paint booth to do the final coat which gives it a gorgeous shine!
2015-10-16_0004 Here is the reveal!

IMG_0659 final reveal pic

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