Is Christmas really in 18 days???

Is it just me or did the fall fly by and Christmas sneak up quickly? I have almost everyone covered now for Christmas presents, but it was only last night that we finally decorated our little baby tree and mantle. We have decided to cheat and use a fake tree for one more year. When the little Piercy comes we will go for the real thing…until then, enjoy the fake one!

I feel so festive when I am in our living room, loving the lights on the tree and mantle, hot chocolate and Mariah Carey Christmas music. Nothing like Christmas!

Bad picture, but you get the gist of our fun little tree 🙂
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1 Comment
  • You guys are doing better than Andrew and I. We are probably not going to even decorate this year because of everything going on. I love it though it looks beautiful!!!

    December 12, 2011 at 3:51 pm

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