May 13 2016

Jen’s Elegant First Floor Tour

Jen’s four story home is full of MegMade pieces! We were excited to have the opportunity to see how they all look, styled in a way only Jen can do. When you enter Jen’s home, this piece sits right below the staircase. The staging around this piece gives you a great sample of what’s to come in the rest of Jen’s house. Antique wooden boxes sit next to a glass lamp and glass candle sticks. A unique white and brass lantern sits on the ground next to the focal piece. Like the choices Jen made on the custom buffet, there’s a beautiful blend of new and old in this vignette.


Jen has created a beautiful, but cozy living space, with the help of Crystal, our in-house interior designer. This family room has a solid foundation of light cream and gray neutrals and then uses the custom painted buffet and throws to add some navy. The beautiful wall art adds interest behind the couch, and once again, Jen has carefully chosen beautiful lamps and chairs to surround the piece.  jaziphoto_megmade-46 2016-05-10_0001 jaziphoto_megmade-30 copy jaziphoto_megmade-34  We did these chairs for Jen too! They turned out so beautifully and look great next to the traditional buffet. Love how upholstery can give new life to dated chairs 🙂 These look so fresh now!  jaziphoto_megmade-15

The grey velvet couch in this formal living room is spectacular! The color choice here is perfect, because a brighter velvet would have been too bright for a neutral-dominated room. The grey is a few steps darker than the paint on the walls, so it still stands out quite a bit, without overpowering the rest of the room. With shag pillows to top it all off, I know where I’ll be sitting when I visit next! This room is so beautiful…and look at the darling neighborhood view out of those tall windows!  2016-05-10_0002

We think Jen’s dining room is up to snuff with the rest of the first floor…don’t you? Complete with crystal chandelier and large patinated mirror to bounce all the light out of those curtained windows, this room is perfect for hosting a magnificent dinner party! The reflection in the picture above shows how the dining room is a continuation of the living room, which makes the floor plan feel open and inviting. The consistent color plan helps in extending the space, as does the placement of this large mirror opposite from windows.

Jen’s home is truly spectacular, and this is only the first floor! Crystal and Jen made strong choices within a confined palette to achieve this elegant, inviting space. We love it! They made our pieces look goooooooood.

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