Knit, Purl, Knit, Purl….

I used to make cowl scarves all of the time, but haven’t made them in a while. I decided to pull out one that I had started a while ago and finish it. 

Half way done:

Completed work (thank you Jeremiah – my nephew – for modeling this even though as you said it is too girly for you:

My favorite one to make is the cowl where I switch from knit to purl (pictured above). I know very little about knitting, but this one is very easy and always turns out pretty. 

Before we get started you will need scissors, yarn and knitting needles. Here is what I use:

Yarn: I usually use two different kinds of yarn. I love alpaca, but it is quite a bit more expensive, so I sometimes use one that is mixed wool with synthetic. I get my alpaca wool at (link) or I get the wool/synthetic from JoAnn’s or Walmart (link). Just make sure whatever yarn you buy, it is super chunky. It will look funny with that big of needles and a think yarn.

Needles: I have used both plastic and wooden. I like them both. I don’t like making scarves with small needles because they take so long. I am into instant gratification and I like chunky scarves, which is why I would go with a size 19 needle. (link).

Tutorials: If you have never knit before, here are some classes that were helpful for me. I taught myself completely from and I know you can too!

Now you are ready to begin. Cast on 15-17 stitches, depending on how wide you want the scarf. Irregardless, if you want the cool pattern, it needs to be an odd number.

Then you start with a knit stitch and alternate knit, purl, knit purl all the way across. Then you repeat row by row. I just keep going until either my yarn runs out or I get it to the length I want it.

When you have cast off, then I stitch the two sides together.

Get ready for compliments, people love it and when they hear you made it they will freak.

Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. Here is a great resource for patterns (link)

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