Life without cable TV just got easier :)

So Joe and I have not had cable since we got married. However, we have a big TV. My sister says having a big TV and no cable is like going to McDonalds and getting a salad. I kinda agree, but we have our reasons to live without:

1. We are both home bodies and cold sit in front of it all day long and get nothing done.
2. We save about $100 a month by not having it.
3. The shows we like are on plug in cable, so we can still watch them.
4. The majority of TV is junk, so why support bad TV.
5. If we miss our shows, they are on the internet.

But, then that left us watching shows on our little computer screens, which was a pain, but we did it anyway. Worth it to us. The only time it was really annoying was when KU or U of I were playing and you had to watch ESPN on the puter, not exactly the full game experience.

So yesterday, Joe was looking around to see if we could stream our computer screens to the TV. Alas, yes you can, through Apple TV and AirParrot. Why we didn’t know about this before is beyond me. So, as you can see we can now watch KU games on the TV through our computer streaming. So amazing, thank you Mac for being so awesome!

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