MegMade is Moving!

Just over a year ago, with anxiety and excitement, Joe and I signed a lease on 1623 W. Montrose. We were so nervous about the monthly rent, but we took the leap of faith, with trust that our hard work and God’s faithfulness would pay off.

Just three quick months after opening the store and painting out of the store, we outgrew it and began doing the work at 1770 W Berteau (fondly known as the warehouse). Crazy enough, we then outgrew that space and got a second space in the same building for the finished furniture overflow.

Well, a year after having both of those spaces, we are busting at the seams again. Our wildest dreams have come true thanks to your support of our love for furniture and making things new again.  And hey, sometimes change is the best thing!

So, with joy and excitement and three semi trucks, we want to announce that we are moving to a bigger, better location!  The new space is TRIPLE the size so we can now give you TRIPLE the merchandise!

We are still open at our warehouse for you to come see us at 1770 W. Berteau while we are getting the new space fabulous. We have kept some of our best pieces there for you while we move! If you’d like to come for a sneak peak of the new space the address is 2415 W Barry Ave., but give us a call at 312.636.3583 to let us know if you would like to come by!

2015-03-18_0003 It was a big day! We signed the lease, packed a lot of our furniture up and moved three semis full of goodies to our new location! It was a long day, but thankfully a very uneventful day!


We are moved out of the store. It is sad, as it is where we began, but we also have such joy and gratefulness that we’ve grown so much! We are still at Berteau, but the store is closed!


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