Oct 02 2015

MegMade Update – Unfinished Inventory Now Available Online!!

MegMade has always advertised that we have hundreds of pieces of unfinished inventory, but has never shown the pieces online….UNTIL NOW!!! You’re welcome to all that have been asking us to this forever!

We are now making unfinished inventory available to be purchased and customized online! We have shipped to over 30 states and we are starting to get some national coverage so we’re working on making long distance purchases just as easy as if you came into our showroom.

There are a couple of ways you can shop our unfinished inventory.

If you are used to going to megmade.com, you can click on our shop button and then click where it says customize a piece.

Or if you’ve been following us on etsy, they will be listed there as well!

The price reflected is for a satin or matte finish. If any other finish is desired, we can give you a quote for the extra labor and materials. Just message us!

Now for some eye candy!

2015-10-02_0001 2015-10-02_0002 2015-10-02_0004 2015-10-02_0005 2015-10-02_0006 2015-10-02_0009 2015-10-02_0010 2015-10-02_0011 2015-10-02_0012 lovemeg

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  • Akwaaning

    Hello Meg,

    I love your sight. 2 questions:

    Do you have a Chicago location where I can come and view furniture ?

    Amy Howard paint line has come out at Ace Hardware. Is the Brooks color the exact color you used or is it different?

    October 20, 2015 at 3:11 am

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