Mar 16 2020



Happy Monday Y’all! I feel like this weekend has been so crazy, that for probably the first time in a while I can say we’ve made it to Monday. Usually, we’re all about making it to the weekend, but guys, every day is a blessing – and it’s time to celebrate every day. Although a lot of our routines have shifted, and we’re in some craziness right now, things will be okay, and we have to stick together to make it through. And y’all let’s not forget, it’s still St. Patty’s Day this week, and even if we’re not celebrating in our usual ways, we can still celebrate. How are we celebrating – well this week you can Click and Shop these AMAZING green pieces. You can always change the color if you’d like too, but this will be our way of celebrating for the time Click on the images to shop these AMAZING or MEGnificent MegMade vintage pieces – that you can customize! And we’re making it super easy – just click on the image to learn more and order! For our other beautiful pieces – shop here!

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