Jun 17 2016

My Current Projects

I feel like we are always working on some project in our home. Right now, we are in the middle of quite a few! Now that we have a professional refinishing team at MegMade, I need to get my hands dirty somehow!

Here’s an update on what we are doing. Can’t wait to show all the finished products!

Our Guest Bathroom 

The bottom right image was our inspiration for this bathroom. I absolutely fell in love with the ostrich wallpaper. Joe and I put it up ourselves and it only took us one evening to do it! We chose to do tiny hex tiles on the floor. At first I thought the grout might have ended up too dark, but it’s growing on me! We are still waiting to finish off this room with a glass shower door.

Our Basement Bathroom  2016-06-14_0001

We just finished the shiplap in this bathroom. The picture on the right was my inspiration. We’ve still got some work to do in this room, but it’s coming together! The shiplap was mostly easily to do except that our walls aren’t completely even which made lining everything up a little tricky. We couldn’t get a bunch of planks precut, we had to do them ourselves…but were are always up for a challenge!

Our Rec Room 


Momma was out of town for a few days and came home to find that Joe had redone the floors in our basement! We choose to do ceramic wood tiles, which you grout just like other tiling. Didn’t he do an awesome job! I love the light, grayed color of the tiles. We are planning on redoing this whole space so many more projects to come down here.

Our Fireplace IMG_5194

I can’t wait for these chevron tiles to be done! We just laid it out here to see what it will look like on the base of our fireplace. I think it’s going to add some character to the space.

As you can see, we are always working on something around our house! Can’t wait to show you when all of these projects are complete 🙂

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