Apr 24 2017

New In-House Color: BM Light Pistachio

We have updated our in-house colors and added this amazing mint green, Benjamin Moore Light Pistachio. I have been wanting to add a mint color for awhile, but hadn’t found the perfect shade. Finally, we did this color on a piece and fell in love! So now, when you choose a color out of our in-house colors, this green in an option with no added cost.

I think this color would be adorable in a kids’ room of any kind. I love a good blush pink and mint combo (and throw in a rich brown camel color!). It looks great in front of our Schumacher Feather Bloom wallpaper because it has some pink in it. 

Left image | Right image

These are two examples of other pieces done in mint. I think the color can work in a country home, as well as a modern home (done in high gloss obviously!). It’s a great way to add a pop of color without making a really loud choice you might hate later.


Here’s a good example of mint in a more modern home. I love how it looks with the bright brass hardware! I think this piece would’ve looked even more amazing in a high gloss finish.

I could see this color working well on a headboard or on a cool mirror too!

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