Feb 13 2014

New Inventory!

Here are a few new pieces for your viewing pleasure 🙂 Message me if you would like to know any more information or view them and their dimensions and prices on my etsy page. Just click the link on the right hand side of my page!

2014-02-12_0001 2014-02-12_0002 2014-02-12_0003 2014-02-12_0004 2014-02-12_0005 2014-02-12_0006


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1 Comment
  • Hi, Meg! It’s Cheryl Robinson down in S. Florida. Got the web address on the Xmas note your mom put together. Congratulations and continued good luck and blessings in your new business endeavor. I have Ashopped ETSY on several occasions recently, one on a website for decorative pulls and knobs for furniture. Actually, I was re-decorating Liddy’s white and pink bedroom furniture to be more appropriate in he new college apartment. She wanted red and white and black, so I got busy. I did a modern look for her that she loved, with black panels on the desk and dresser’ sides with red scrolls down the front, and a black top. All in glossy-sheen paint. The dresser and drawer inserts are in black, trimmed with red, and at ETSY I found the to-die-for knobs and drawer pulls that they custom painted white with black and red dots of different sizes, then on the desk drawer, the knob is black with red and white dots. Liddy loved her “new” furniture, and her room has been a much-visited destination, although she has to pick up her clothes every day. LOL. She also bought a big shaggy red fabulous rug in the shape of a huge peony, and did her bed in white with lots of colorful pillows and toys. Fun, fun, fun.
    Meg, I hope you and Joe will be at the shore this summer when we are there. I’m dying to meet Wells, finally, and see you both, too. I’ll keep someone in your family posted as to when we’ll be there
    Also, I want you to know how sorry both Dave and I are about the loss of your grandparents: all three of them within a month. I know how hard it has been on all of you. My one consolation is they are together, Jack and Pat, as they should be. It was their time. Still we will miss them terribly and will lean heavily on our wonderful memories that we share with so many family members. We thank our Lord to have been blessed in having shared their wonderfulness for so long. They were such a gift to me, personally.

    God bless you, Meg and Joe and Baby Wells, and know, we love you from afar,

    February 24, 2014 at 7:56 am

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