Oct 02 2014

New Shipment of Trapp Candles just arrived!

If you get me talking about my husband, my son, my family, design, painted furniture, Jesus, starting a business in Illinois or the Jayhawks, I will not shut up (probably more I could add to this list). Well, I feel the same way about these candles! I have bought crazy expensive candles from Anthropologie and other stores, but nothing and I mean nothing, compares to how amazing these candles smell. And not to mention, the adorable little house they come in! They have a whole bottle of perfume in each candle and will make your house smell like heaven in 5 minutes flat, I mean the whole house!

Come and get them for your house or as a gift and you will not regret it! The scents we carry right now are: Blackberry Vanilla, Bob’s Flower Shop, Macintosh, Mediterranean Fig, Orange Vanilla, Teak and Oud, Wild Currant. We are also carrying parts of the holiday line – Golden Cypress, Hearth and Holiday. We have the room sprays for many too! The candles are $22 and the room sprays are $18.


Call 312.636.3583 if you would like to have any shipped to you! It would be $5 flat rate!

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