No good, very bad…and expensive week!

So, I am really trying to understand how to have joy in the midst of persecution, but man it is tough. It is so true that you cannot have that joy aside from God because there is no joy here right now in myself. So, let’s review the week:

Monday at BSF: Come out of Bible Study at about 9:30pm and both of the tires on my driver side are slashed. Wonderful! ON that one, I came out pretty unscathed, having AAA tow me and then buying gently used tires, but still, the principle. Who slashes tires, that is evil and just meant to hurt someone!

Tuesday and Wednesday were good days, but then came today. I walk out to get in my car and oh to my wondering eyes would appear a HUGE orange boot on my car. I always used to look at those on peoples cars and think they were irresponsible people, ya, until I got one this morning and realized the City of Chicago is a dis-organized, rude organization. So, rewind, apparently, I had 3 tickets that hadn’t been paid, mind you, I always pay my tickets. The third one was from the fall and I forgot to pay it, but the other 2, I never got!!!  One was for parking in a walk zone, what??? Never did that! Then, to make matters worse, they send the notices to an address I haven’t lived at in 3, let me say it again, 3 years! Then, they blame it on me for not updating my address. I update it every single year when I update my plates and city sticker. Sorry, I don’t know if I’m feeling like I am being mistreated or me over-reacting from the pregnancy hormones, but what I know is true, is this has been a no good, very bad…and expensive week!

Here’s some pictures to show for my lovely week:

My car, the next day, when we went to take care of it. Notice the lack of air in both tires…oh lovely!

My poor car, just 2 days later…Jack even feels bad for me, sweet little guy!

If anyone has a funny story or a nice comment, I could use them all. Weirdly, I didn’t get emotional about the tires being slashed, but this has wrecked me. Just feel a little picked on this week 🙁

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  • Even Jack looks sad at seeing the boot! Glad things are looking up. Hang in there!

    February 9, 2012 at 11:37 pm

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