May 05 2017

An Ode to Benjamin Moore Galapagos

Alright, let’s talk about Benjamin Moore Galapagos. I LOVE this color. It is so beautiful and rich and shockingly goes with a lot. It’s a pop of color that I can really get behind for your/my/our furniture. We did these two pieces recently in the high gloss version of galapagos and they turned our so cool.

These bamboo dressers are amazing canvases. I especially love the look of a high gloss finish on this style because it highlights the curves in such a beautiful way. This piece is extra cool because it also has campaign hardware, so it mixes two of my favorite styles in one piece!

Ta da! This piece is for sale! The brass hardware polished up so beautifully and now has amazing contrast with the finish. The high gloss Galapagos finish makes this an incredible statement piece. One thing I love about this color is that it doesn’t read fancy. You can go high gloss in this color and still put it in your home and not feel like you suddenly need everything around it to be really expensive and luxurious. Depending on the piece, some high gloss finishes can read really high end (which for some people is exactly perfect!). This color has a casualness to it that some people, like me, really love.

We’ve had this desk in a few times and I’ve loved it in a handful of different finishes! I have to say though…this might be my favorite iteration yet.

So not only did we polish the hardware and paint it in BM Galapagos high gloss but then we cut off the bottom and added these lucite legs with brass caps. Excuse me while I lose my mind. I’d been wanting to add legs like these to a piece for awhile, and I was so glad a customer wanted this look too!


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