One man’s junk, another woman’s headboard?

I tried to come up with a catchy post title, but that just sounds funny. However it is so true. We found this awesome window pane in an alley. I am notorious for stopping the car for things I like on the street. Call that sketchy, a little weird, kinda gross, dirty, whatever you want, but it works for me…most of the time. And this one, well I think it was a hit. 

Joe thought the color was a little weird, but for some reason I loved it. It is kinda a greenish with lots of paint worn off. It’s perfect…the kind of paint job you can’t re-create. That is why I love junk, it has wear and tear that only use and outdoors can do! So, instead of taking hours to make a headboard for our guest room, this is what we decided upon. What are your thoughts? (Sorry the pic is a little yellow)

I got the picture frames inside the window frame from Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each and then painted them and stained them. The prints are from this sweet store called Vintage Pine for $6 each. Such cool prints! Amazing store that I would buy all of my stuff at if I could afford it. I can’t…so therefore I go through alleys and collect other peoples junk and make it pretty 🙂

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