Product review: Daddy Van’s Furniture Polish

I used Johnson’s Wipe on Wax forever, thinking it was great. However, it is so smelly. I have to have all windows and doors open to hide the scent and that doesn’t even help! It bothered me having that much smell in here with a little baby.

That is why I was so excited when I came across Daddy Van’s Furniture Polish. What? Wax polish can actually smell good? Like Lavender and Sweet Orange. I love this stuff and it works super duper well! I DaddyVan’d the heck out of all of our furniture this week and am in love. I did it to all wood pieces as well as pieces that I have made with paint. It works on both! You can get it on Amazon here.

 I tried to take a picture of it on some furniture. It is super shiny. The wood looks so healthy 🙂

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